1. Birth Certificate (if not married) or Marriage Certificate (if married), attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
  2. Original FRC (Family Registration Certificate) attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. Copy of passport on A4-size paper (please, do not cut down to size)
  4. Original Police Character Certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  5. Bank statement of last six months along with bank letter
  6. Employment letter and Visa Request Letter
  7. Participants of academic conferences, seminars and congresses must provide invitation letter from the organization that is sponsoring the event.
  8. Minors under 18 years of age are required a notarized letter of consent by the parent not traveling with the minor, or by both parents if the minor is traveling alone.

Total Processing time : 17-31 days

Note: All Above Fee/Documents are subject to change, Visa Issuance will be not for sure