1. last 6 months stamped Bank statement with Certificate
  2. Job/Business/Government
  3. If Employed in private company ; Job letter, Salary slips last 3 months
  4. If Self Employed ; Letter head , Tax Documents, NTN certificate
  5. If Government Officer; Job letter (if possible), N.O.C letter from Relevant department.
  6. Invitation letter with Host Passport copy (if any).
  7. Any other Investment documents.
  8. Passport copies of 1st four pages and all used pages of all valid and previous passports.
  9. CNIC/B.form copy.
  10. FRC (Family Registration Certificate from NADRA)
  11. Polio Vaccination Card
  12. 3 Photos as per below specification
  13. Total Processing time : 17-31 days
  14. Note: All Above Fee/Documents are subject to change, Visa Issuance will be not for sure